How do I get an FP2 to New Zealand

It seems tough to order a FP2 if you’re not in the EU. Any outside the box thoughts on how to get one to me in New Zealand? thanks, Jon

There really are only 3 Options:

  • You know someone in Europe who will order the FP2 for you and send it to you.

  • You wait a year. FP are planning to expand to outside of europe. Hopefully New Zeeland will be one of the new markets.

  • You find someone who will sell you a used FP1.

But you won’t have official support unless you choose Option 2.

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You can order using this service (I have not used them, but they seem reliable):

They forward the parcel to you from a German shipping adress and also offer insurance on the package. You just need to check how much the package from Fairphone will weigh and select a shipping option.


Hello, I’m also wanting to get a fairphone to NZ - did you have success?

Me also… trying to see if I can get one on a payment plan too…