How do I dial an extension during a call?

Has anyone also issues to dial an extension number during a call. I could enter a number or character such as hash, but it does not work. No screen problems. Any ideas?

Do you mean you don’t see a hash key or that the recipient isn’t registering it? If the latter, it might be that specific system having a problem.

Agree, I have used some voicemail and audio conferencing systems where I had to enter codes during the call without issues. @anon18561511 - have you tried other systems that work with entering numbers after the call is established?

Just in case FP2 and FP3 behave similarly in this respect:
A while ago I ran into the same the problem on my FP2. After some searching I figured it had to do with Do not disturb being activated and/or Dial pad tones being switched off.


Great, this seems to work. Thank you very much.

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