How do I choose SD card as default storage for photos (stock camera app)

Thanks Irina. It did work I could now add a new folder on my SD card. But could you also explain, how do i choose my SD Card as the default storage for the photos i take with the camera? Thanks.

I don’t use the original camera app, so I can’t tell you if it’s possible. It seems that Android 5.1 doesn’t give general writing access to all apps. :confused: Some appas can ask for it and get it through the above mentioned procedure, others don’t.

I use Open Camera and Camera ZOOM Fx (I have the paid version) as camera apps, because, at least in the case of FP1, there was a huge picture quality difference in comparison to the original app. Both of them offer you the possibility to store your photos on the SD card. In Open Camera you have to enable first “Use Storage Access Framework” before you can select the sd card and go through the whole premissions procedure again… In Camera ZOOM Fx you have to choose as folder “custom” (not custom (legacy)).


AFAIK the stock camera APP does not provide an option to change the storage location. At least I could not find one.

I got my FP last week and so far everything seems to be working fine, except one thing: the music that is stored on my SD-card is not made visible in the google play music app. MP3 files are shown, but the wma-files are not. Does anybody know how to solve this?