How do I Change Line when I write text messages?

Anyone knowing how to Change Line (press enter) when I write text messages. There is no problem when using other apps. For example “mail” and “whats app” can Change Line but the keyboard in the text/message-app can’t


Yes, my Nokia Lumia 820 (Windows Phone) had the ability of a carriage return in a text message.

It would be and then . I’ll upload a screenshot.

PS.: Do you have a FP1 or a FP2?


@Stefan’s answer works flawlessly. That said there are apps that support it without having to use Shift+Enter, like Smssecure (available at least in Fdroid) which has tons of customization options on top of that !

Hi. Thanks for all quick answers! “Shift+return” seems to work well, and I also tried swiftkey which seems to work. Thanks!