How do I access voicemail?

Hi, I’ve had a few people tell me that they have left me a voicemail, but it doesn’t come up on my phone that i have a voicemail and I have no idea how to access.

Also, some people have texted me and the text doesn’t arrive. I thought it was to do with my old iphone, and turned off imessaging, but I have missed texts from nokia too.

Also, I have no 3G, I have tried to turn it on/enable it using the instructiuons but it just doesn’t appear.

Actually my new fairphone makes me want to cry. maybe I’m just too old and technologically inept to use it…but I just wish things were simple.

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Hi @Gillian_Mc_Naull and welcome to the Fairphone forums!

I am sorry setting up your Fairphone is not as simple as it should be. Let us work trough this step by step:

Voicemail: How you access voicemail depends on your carrier. You typically have a number you need to dial to check your voicemail.
Check the material provided to you by your carrier for the number to dial. You can typically configure your voicemail trough voice control to send you sms notifications when new messages arrive.

Texts: Did you recieve no texts at all or are just some texts missing? Turning of iMessage was a very good idea, i have heard though that some people had to disable iMessage via this Apple Service after switching away from an iPhone. Just to be sure: Missed texts from Nokia are text messages send to you from people with Nokia phones, right?

3G: Can you specify which instructions your were following? What exactly happens when you try to enable 3G? Do you have a (GPRS) mobile data connection on the Fairphone at all?

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Hi Ben,

Thank-you for your response. In the interim I have discovered that I can dial a number to access voicemail, which I have now accessed (22 messages, oh dear…). Many of the calls did not come up as missed, and I received no alerts for any of them, so i suppose what I am wondering is can I get voicemail alerts?

Just some texts are missing, not all. The nokia user is a long standing text correspondant (child’s father) , so I need to fix that.

When I go to enable 3G, nothing happens. I press the button and then nothing. Mmm, GPRS connection, not sure, I just use wifi at home and work?

Many Thanks,



Voicemail Alerts: I get them via my SMS from carrier, i need to enable them in the mailbox/voicemail settings (which are typically reached via the same number you use to access your messages).

3G, as you might know, is a faster mobile data connection. It is dissabled in the settings. I did not find a specific “button” but that might be a misunderstanding. Do you mean this?

It would be good to know if mobile data works at all. You can only use mobile data if your contract allows for it. As you had an iphone before i am pretty sure it does. Test by disabling Wifi via Quick Settings (swipe in from the top of the screen with two fingers.) and open a website in the browser.

If that works (even if very slow) you should have mobile data working, if not, it might be that you need to enter some settings. Don’t worry, we can probably help you with that! You would need to tell us what carrier you use though.

Do you use both sim cards or just one? You can use 3G only on one of the cards, so it might be you need to change a setting there as well. But let’s do this step by step.

Missed calls and Messages: If the calls do not appear in your call log, it might be you do not have good reception – this sometimes also causes the delay of messages delivery. Just to be sure again, we are talking about good old SMS not WhatsApp or something?