How could I install web app with firefox


My favourite browser is firefox

It seems that on android, it’s possible to install any web app with google chrome.
Questions :
with witch os run on the fairephone 2 can I install web app with firefox and how can I install it
other question :
If yes, can I use the linux terminal with this os ?
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Seems you’ll need firefox 58, which was recently released

continuing our commitment to making PWAs a top experience on mobile, we’re pleased to announce that Firefox 58 for Android will ship with Web App Manifest support, in the form of “Add to Home screen” functionality.

More on that, including how the feature is accessed, is here.


Firefox 57 got released a week ago (14 nov 2017) for desktop and mobile. See the Firefox roadmap. 58 will be released 16 jan 2018. However if you want the PWA feature right now you can install Firefox Beta which is currently Firefox 58 (ie. current_version + 1). You can find Firefox Beta in the Play Store. (link)


To clarify previous comments: PWA stands for Progressive Web App, which are powerful web pages that are more close to the “app” concept than to the traditional “website”. There are some requisites to web pages to be considered PWA (and to progressively be offered by the browser to be installed after the first visit). Having a Web App Manifest is one of them.

Android is based on Linux but its system architecture is quite different to GNU. That means terminal emulators for Android are limited and they usually require root permissions (danger zone). If you are looking for a traditional terminal experience, you’ll probably want to use something like Termux, which has package management for downloading CLI utilities, a “home” folder, etc. Honestly, it is the only one I know with such features.


This functionality is already in Firefox for a long time.
… → “Page” → “Add to Home Screen”

The functionality already there just makes a shortcut which open Firefox and make it load an URL. Is like a bookmark on the home screen.

But it will be quite different with PWAs because they have offline capabilities and other features. The home screen shortcut will open the PWA fullscreen (i.e. without the Firefox UI) and from the local cache, probably in a profile of their own (profile isolation). Then, the PWA will check if has connection to the internet, or fallback to offline behaviour. After the installation, they can run in the background and send notifications without requiring the browser to be open, etc.

TL;DR: Although regular web pages and PWAs are both “Added to Home Screen”, there’s a difference in treatment feature-wise.


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