How can I use the full display resolution?

according to tech specs, fairphone display has a * 2160 x 1080 resolution. The display of my notebook and tablet has a 1920x1080 resolution (which is less :wink: ). Nevertheless, my fairphone always displays an estimated 1/4 of a webpage compared to my other devices.
==> means: as soon as a webpage is a little bit complex, I cannot display it with my phone.

Is there a way to use the full resolution?

See if your browser can display the page of choice in desktop mode. At least Firefox (or Fennec F-Droid or any other Firefox fork) can do this.
Be warned, though: There are reasons why web pages get displayed like they are on your smartphone, but you’ll see, probably :wink: .


Your phone already uses full resolution, but the pixels on your phone are just much smaller, which allows higher quality.
Though this can’t and will never be able to change the size of your screen, so if you want things to be big enough to be readable, less things will be displayed, which seems quite logical to me :wink:

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Have you checked Settings > Display > Display size : put it on small


That helped (at least a little bit)
The settings are a little bit “hidden” (Display/Erweitert/Anzeigegröße)
And also, I expected that I can “zoom” using two fingers, (similar to what I can do in Windows using +< - > but that only works in the “wrong” direction (I can make the fonts bigger but not smaller, even if smaller fonts still would be readable). Is this a “feature” of Fairphone, Android or the Browser?

I use Firefox, which is fine zoom wise.

What browsers have you tried?

Seems logical, as the default is already at maximum dezoom. By decreasing the display size, you also sort of decreased the minimal possible zoom.


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