How can I use custom Icons?


The Fairphone Launcher would be ok for me. But I really really hate the super ugly awful Phone Icon. It is so super 90s awful and without any taste. I can’t look at it.

So first what I tried instead to exchange whole Phone, was to install Nova launcher and buy some icon sets. But nova launcher isn’t working right with FairPhone setup. The customizition of gestures isn’t possible.

So is it possible to use custom icons with fairphone launcher?
Or is it possible to uninstall the FP launcher?

Thank you very much.

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I don’t think so.

Probably, but I wouldn’t recommend it. With FP1 some custom launchers weren’t able to update the OS, if the same is true for FP2 you’ll need to set the FP launcher as default before you update. Also I don’t think that having the FP launcher installed interferes with other launchers.

I’d try another launcher from our list. E.g. Buzz Launcher is very customizable.

Dear Paul,

Wooow, thank you for the very fast answer (on weekend?!) Great. :slight_smile:

And sorry for frustrated and unpolite words about design. But after month of waiting, getting the beautiful and detailed lovely created case for FP, I was too frustrated about ugly look of default icons. BUAHHH***

Your team should really consider redesign for next update. Please, would shrink resales of FP for sure.

Never mind.

I see it is possible to use other launchers. So I don’t have reasons to be mad.
Already have been tried buzz feed.
Looks very good (after deleting moveable icon of course).

Thank you very much. And much greetings to you and your team.


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Hi Hannes,
just one little comment: Paul is only a community member just like yourself (+ mod on the forum, ok) but no Fairphone employee :wink:


thought “community moderator” makes him an official team member. :slightly_smiling:

But good to know. So if icon remains ugly in next update, I won’t have reason to blame Paul. HAHA*

Thank you.

BTW: Action launcher is working perfect for my needs. It is slim and not too complex like others.



You could try the app ‘Icon Changer free’ to build your own icon for your homescreen. Note: It doesn’t change the app’s icon within the All Apps menu. It generates kind of an customizable copy for your homescreen.