How can I uninstall iFixit?

Although I have in mind that the user comes with root authorizations I do not find any possibility to uninstall iFixit which comes with the OS. How does it work?


you need a special App to uninstall System Apps. I use the Pro Version of this one witch works fine for me. I like the possibility to reinstall an App after uninstalled it accidentally.


And if you don’t care about fiddling around with extra file/app managers you can just choose ‘Disable’ and it won’t bother you. It only occupies 3MB of storage anyway.

Theres an opensource app named 'system/app mover’
it needs busybox installed.

it does its job perfectly fine and nothing else


Thanks @snoer!
I can get “/system/app mover” from f-droid, but how can I get busybox?

I need to remove it to install an updated version from f-droid.

theres an app called busybox installer (author is Stericson) on the play store.