How can I (un)lock the display easily e.g. by double click?

Hi, to lock the display you have to make 4 actions, to unlock the display you have to enter a code or draw patterns. How can I make it more easily e.g. by double click on the display?

4 actions? i count 2 :wink:

  1. hold power button 1 sec
    (after Settings/System/Gestures/Press&hold power button=Power menu)
  2. tap to Lockdown

Anyway i use Nova Launcher and set his Gesture “Double tap” to lock (btw: work ofcourse only on home screen)

I use Lawnchair (on an FP4) and me too I can lock the screen with 2 tap, not only from home.
To unlock you can unset the privacy features (not a good idea) or set the fingerprints.