How can I turn of the vibration when someone picks up?

When I’m calling someone, and the other person picks up, my phone vibrates shortly. I find this very annoying and want to turn this of. Does anyone know how to do this?

Tab on ‘System settings’ far left below on your phone.
Then tab on 'Audio Profiles’
Tab on the icon far right of the word 'General’
The first option is 'Vibrate’
Unchecked this option.

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Thanks for the quick reply. But when I do this, the phone also doesn’t vibrate anymore when receiving a call… And that happens to be a function that i like to keep active…

Could it be that by turning off ‘Vibrate on touch’ does the trick?
You find this option at the same page as ‘Vibrate’, at the bottom of the page.

I have this off and it also vibrates when the other person is picking up, so I think this is not the solution. But on the other hand I could not find any in the call settings / settings of the telephone app…

After some research I found this site:
Someone suggested that [quote] You can turn it off in some ROMS.[/quote]

It seems that currently this option is not available in Fairphone OS. I think if it bothers you, you should raise a ticket in support. Maybe they can provide the feature to turn it off in the next update.

PS: The function is called Vibrate on answer

There are some apps that can change these settings.

You can also install Xposed Installer and the Gravity Box module which allows you to control this in one of the settings:

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