How can I transfer music from Win10?

Original title and background

Idiot’s guide to Fairphone 2

I picked that title because I hope it attracts other beginners with similar problems… My FP2 - is my first"smartphone", I don’t know what OS means, don’t speak DOS and have just worked out what an App is.
I gather music can be put on my phone so I can use it as an ‘MP3’ player. My old lappy was WindowsXP with WMPlayer - that could find phones and transfer music. Sadly my new lappy has Win10 Pro pre-installed - with Google Play, which seems totally devoted to ‘downloading’ music without an option to ‘sync’ with my FP2, even by cable. (It can transfer photos - which was a surprise, if complicated…)

Moderator’s tip: Don’t pick a title that atracts people who can’t help you, but one that describes your issue so people who might know a solution will click on it.

How do I copy music from my vast CD collection into my FP2, via Win10?

What happens if you plug in your phone to your computer via USB? Does your computer recognize the device? Do you have access to the phone’s file system?
Have you managed to import the music from CDs to your computer?

  1. Get an USB cable.
  2. Plug in one end at your computer and the other end at your FP2.
  3. When you pull down the top bar on your FP2, there will be an “USB for charging” entry. Tap on it. Select the option “MTP” there.
  4. Open Windows Explorer at your computer and select “This PC” on the left side. It will show your FP2. Open it. Select “Internal Storage”. Go into the “Music” folder.
  5. Create music files from the CD (MP3, OGG or FLAC). A manual how to create MP3s with the Windows Media Player is on the Internet.
  6. Copy the music files into FP2’s “Music” folder.
  7. Open Google Play Music or an user-installed music player (e. g. VLC). It will show the copied music files.

Very handy, thanks. I now can import music on to my computer - and amazingly I even copied them to my FP2.
Unfortunately the link to create MP3 files - created/WMA files - which seems to be the standard way Win Music Player rips music . Google Play doesn’t recognise .WMA files on my FP2.
Further ideas?

Check the big box with the :bulb: TIP in that guide:

To make Windows Media Player create songs with the more versatile MP3 format instead of WMA, click the Organize button in the top-left corner, choose Options, and click the Rip Music tab. Choose MP3 instead of WMA from the Format drop-down menu and nudge the audio quality over a tad from 128 to 256 or even 320 for better sound.


Sorry, dear Moderator… I picked the Title - An Idiots Guide to FP2 use (I think it was) because I’m an idiot - and want to find other beginners at touch screen phones so we can swop advice on the basics of using this thing.
I have no idea what half the icons mean, even of how to touch the screen - such as ‘touch and hold’ brings up extra options, I’ve no idea how to get my frequently used icons (like contacts…) onto the front screen, or what Drive is, or Duo, or Maps, or Play Store or an Authenticator. It’s utterly bewildering - and I’m strongly tempted to move my SIM to an old Samung I have that is easy to use - and the battery lasts a week. You know? - So my title is a plea - to have a Guide telling us idiots how the FP2 actually works.

With that title people would have expected you to have written a beginner’s guide to the FP2 in your post. It’s never a good idea to give a thread a misleading title.

Btw if you want a beginner’s guide to Android smartphones there are plenty out there.


Thanks paulakreuzer. I absolutely DO want a beginners guide to Android smartphones. My Fairphone 2 was my first ever - and without a guide many features just don’t happen. I’m still struggling to answer calls after 2 years when it rings while I’m editing photos or texts. I don’t know HOW to do half the stuff this thing can do - and an approved Guide linked from this Forum would be heaven! (As for getting music into it ? I give up (and dont understand why I have to download my favourite music when I own stacks of CDs. I’ll stick to my Walkman. That works) )

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Here’s the user guide (Yeah, they could advertise it a little more) …

I think a one-fits-all Android for beginners guide is almost inconceivable, because everybody starts from a different level of understanding, and more importantly an explanation working perfectly for some might not work as well for others, language is not trivial.

That’s where “real” bookstores still work best if you don’t like to search through the web for hours, you can browse the books and relatively quickly get an initial clue about which book might work for you.

As for the music, I think one of the easiest ways for beginners was already given here.
I use CDex for ripping my CDs to MP3 files, but this program has many settings … and the web has tutorials.


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