How can I tell if FP2 is faulty or not?

I am a former iPhone user, and bought FP2 after using my iPhone for over 3 years wanting something more ethical as well as a phone designed to last. It arrived in January.

I have upgraded the Software with the latest release but still had issues with:

  • Lack of signal in the house (never an issue with iPhone) - even with the same contract provider. People seem to hear a very scrambled voice when I do try and call from an area that looks like it is within signal (so the signal seems weaker than displayed on screen)
  • Loudspeaker option sometimes not working when making a call
  • Days where I would have no signal no matter where I am and SMS do not send/receive (Whatsapp and FB Messenger are therefore more reliable)
  • Not receiving text messages when included as part of a group
  • Random freezing of the phone where it either won’t turn on, or where it has turned itself off, or where the screen is on but totally frozen and I have to try several times to make a hard reset
  • Camera doesn’t focus
    I haven’t used it for music so can’t comment on sound quality but videos have played OK to date

There are other small niggles that others have reported (having to turn off privacy settings to use apps like BBC news etc. the screen jumping about) that I can live with, as well as things that I don’t know if others experience - like turning the phone from landscape to portrait (e.g. when reading a long blog or news article) seems to lose your place on the page and either takes you to the beginning or the end.

I am about to have a baby, my first child goes to crèche and my mum is unwell in a nursing home so I am dependent on being able to use & be reached on my phone in the house over the next few weeks. Sadly, I have temporarily moved back to the iPhone to ensure that I am reachable as I just want a reliable phone in the main (for calls/SMS) with the added capability of accessing the internet. Unfortunately, I am not very techy so I don’t have the understanding of how to play around with the OS.

Not sure if it’s a common experience when moving from Apple to Android, or if there is some way of fixing / making the FP2 better so I can use it rather than think about selling it on? is there any way of having someone to look at it to see if it is a faulty unit?

Grateful for any suggestions or help as I’d love to keep using the FP2 if possible!

Hi Monkeycymru. I’m afraid I don’t have any solutions, but the things you describe are all really familiar, you’re not alone with so many bugs. I have my phone on a contract and recently they’ve sent me a new SIM so I need to try that and see if it fixes anything, but not holding out much hope. Anyone out there got any more information?

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