How can I take a screenshot on Fp5 with soft keys?

Hi, I know a screenshot can (in theory…) be taken by pressing on/off key and volume key simultaneously.
But I simply don’t succeed. I have a protective bumper, the keys are just not responding simultaneously enough. It is annoying to require such an odd and unpractical key combination…
I once had seen a soft key workaround, but cannot remember. Thanks for help.

when you are in the app selector, you can click this button and it takes a screenshot of the current app.

Does this workaround works for you?


Just in case: To reach the view from Furdiburd’s screenshot, either swipe-hold from the very bottom of the screen (if you use gestures) or press the square icon at the bottom right (if you use 3-button control).

On a side note, just to make sure: The hard key combination is POWER + Volume DOWN (I sometimes read people erroneously thinking they’d need to hold both volume buttons in this).

And interesting … the word “Screenshot” does not get translated (from English) when you set the system to German :smiley:


Thanks, I wrote it wrong or unprecisely. Yes, the volume down button only.

Thanks, I had never seen this. It works. Good to know. But so far I never needed a screenshot when I was in the app selector. Best, quitte140

What @Furdiburd meant was: You can use the app selector to get a screenshot of any other app. While the app you want to take the shot of is running, tap onto the “square” button on the bottom of the screen. Then the app selector opens (showing an smaller image of the currently running app) and you can tap onto “Screenshot” below the app image to take one.


Thank you, Quiss42, I got it. For me the best option seems to be the screenshot in the quick settings. Best, quitte140