How can I switch the Softkeys of FP2?


I am running the self-compiled OS OS and would like to switch the softkeys (menu => back, back => menu).
I’ve already tried modifying the Generic.kl-file in /system/user/keylayout (like it was suggested for the FP1), i changed key 139 and key 158, but that has no effect on the Softkey behaviour.


The softkeys don’t adhere to key layouts. Source:

If the virtual soft keys are displayed graphically on the screen (such as on
the Galaxy Nexus), they are implemented by the Navigation Bar component in the
System UI package. Because graphical virtual soft keys are implemented at a high
layer in the system, key layout files are not involved and the following
information does not apply.

Unfortunately I don’t know if and how you could change this without changing the source of the Navigation Bar component. There might be tools that help you (similar to Xposed Framework).

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I have installed Xposed and GravityBox for Lollipop, and there is indeed an option to switch the positions of the softkeys. There may also be other Xposed modules like this one.
Unfortunately, I do not know what to do when you do not want to/cannot install Xposed.

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Thank you for your message.
In the last three month I got accustomed to the order of the keys. But good to know it is possible to change it.