How can I recover lost/ deleted data (photos etc)

I accidentally deleted all photos and, of course, there is no backup available. After some research online, I tried to run data-recover software (Recuva and DrFone). Unfortunately, the FP was not recognised as device, nor was it on the computer (mass storage). Therefore, the programs did not complete. Since it happened, I kept my FP in flight mode to avoid any overwriting. How can I fix this? How can I “save” my lost pictures?

If you saved your photo’s on the SD card, you might take it out, and try recovering the photos from a PC with an appropriate card reader.
If not, I wouldn’t know how to get them back.

Good point. This might actually also work with the internal memory. I haven’t tested this, so please, @Paihia, don’t be mad if I am wrong. I realise that you already tried recovery software, but you could also try this one. It’s a bit technical at first, but pretty powerful. I think that Piriformes’ Recurva does not recognise Linux file systems, but PhotoRec does. So it’s worth a try, maybe?

Careful, it might also recover data which you do not want to restore and fill your directory with crap.

Just BTW, I doubt you kept your FP in flight mode for a week, but if so, it might have helped. I certainly hope so.

That would require raw access to phone storage, and I have no clue how to access the internal memory as a raw device, but I’d want to learn (just in case I ever encounter the same situation).

If the lost data was on the SD card, I can assist in the recovery.

Hi there!

I got in a similar situation when I accidentally switched on the factory mode and got all my data deleted :persevere: As I am not that well versed in these questions, please bear with me and correct me if I am wrong.

Photorec did not recognise my usb connection so it could neither recover the data :sweat:
Maybe you need “USB debugging” so that these recovery programms can work properply?
Or is there any software that can recover data from an phone that is connected via cd-Rom?

I would be very grateful if sb would find a solution :blush:

Tools like Photorec need low-level access to the storage medium. I don’t think it’s possible directly over usb, as in the normal way you connect to a PC (MTP, PTP).
Maybe it can be done through adb, or maybe by physically hooking up some kind of debugger to the phone’s mother board. I don’t have any experience with this, but I’m curious to know though…

Sounds a bit like what @jpjacobs said would also apply here. Did you try it? Could you report what happens?

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