How can I go about removing /e/OS from my Fairphone 3 and reverting back to stock Android?

As the title says. Im just curious how I could go about reverting back to the stock Android OS from /e/OS. Ive used /e/OS on my main device (Fairphone 3) for a few years now. And while there has been improvements, I’m getting tired of its issues. Such as problems with downloading and updating apps. Also disliking the built in apps and the Bliss launcher. I respect the project but I just want something a bit more stable on my device right now. So with all that said, is it possible to remove /e/OS from my device and return to the stock Android ROM. Is it possible and how difficult is it to do? I would consider myself fairly technically savvy but I dont want to run the risk of bricking my device lol. So I’m just curious what the process would be and how I could go about doing it.

Thank in advance for any help here

“This article will also help you to revert to Fairphone OS if you installed a different Operative System (OS).”


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