(How) Can I get rid of the Marshmallow Permissions Manager?

Is there a way to uninstall/disable the Permissions Manager included in Android 6?
I trust XPrivacy a whole lot more and don’t want to have to give every app each permission twice.

I’m still on Android 5 (Open) so sorry if it’s obvious.

I just gave a look but it seems you can’t disable the Permission Manager, although I don’t feel it annoying because it’s more sparse than XPrivacy, so you won’t get tons of request dialogs per app but only those basic requests regarding Media, Location, Phone and Hardware (microphone, camera) access.
Bye! :slight_smile:


The Android 6 permission manager is built in Android, I’m afraid. It works in the way that apps which are built with SDK for Android 6 have “all special” permissions (from Google’s point of view) disabled, and apps will ask for permission when they require them. Apps which are built with an older SDK will have their “special” permissions enabled but you may disable them.

In my opinion you can just put the extra layer of XPrivacy on top of it - it is far more detailed than the “special permission” categories Android offers. You may still need a firewall, if desired: Internet access, not to mention domain control is not part of these “special permissions”…