How can I change the app description color / clock color?

Hey there!

I wanna use a white screen background and to be able to read app descriptions etc I need to change the text color from white to whatever!

Any clue?


I changed the category from Cafe to Help because it indeed is related to the phone IMO.

You are lucky that the FP is rooted, so you can use the Xposed Framework. This module should be right for you: XBlast Tools for above Android 4.0.3+.

I have not tried it though. Plus I should add: Xposed is great because you can modify pretty everything. But you can also break almost everything if you are not careful! :wink:

Let us know, if it is what you are looking for. Maybe someone else comes up with a better solution, mine was just a shot in the dark.

Cheers, Stefan

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