How can I change my boot logo?

I switched to Ubuntu touch recently. I’ve tried it out and decided I’d like to keep it permanently. Before I lock my boot loader I’d like to fix my boot logo. It says powered by android underneath the fairphone 4 logo. Its a tiny issue really, but it still bugs me for some reason. I think its because I went to a lot of trouble and expense to get my dream phone (linux + fairphone).
I already have adb installed on my computer plus an unlocked boot loader. How could i make/change the boot logo?

Don’t lock your bootloader with UbuntuTouch, it’s not supported.

According to the Telegram group, the boot logo (splash) is stored in xbl, but it has to be compiled and signed by Fairphone…


Interesting, is Ubuntu Touch ready for daily use?

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yes, but 5G is not fully supported.

They are currently working on improving Bluetooth and AGPS, those are two weak points of the OS.


oli.sax is correct

my experience:
I carried around the android phone that i replaced with the fp4. I found i used it progressively less as i went on. Now i just leave it in the car as a dedicated gps system. The sim swap worked instantly. I’ve taken to using Bluetooth headphones at work, usbc ones don’t work at the moment and although i can’t connect to my car’s bluetooth entertainment system. 4gLTE works fine for watching youtube videos at 720p60fps. The waydroid virtual machine works great for any must have android apps you can’t live/work without.

Thanks for the heads up. I will leave the bootloader unlocked. I definitely would have bricked it. I guess I can live with the boot logo being slightly off.

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