How can I become Google free?

Hello Marco
I have owned my FP2 for almost a year, I do not like the ethos of the Google corporation and would like to be free of it. I understand I can change my operating system but as I am 66 years old and while not stupid I’m confused by the jargen used when reading the topics on “rooting” etc. I would love the FP2 more if everything google was removed from it and I could download the apps I chose to have.

Andy Grant


I moved your post here because it isn’t really an introduction and since you need help, it fits in #fairphone2help. :wink:

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@Stefan I think the question and the discussion that developed from it would just be a duplicate of the #livingwogoogle thread, so I moved this discussion there.

Sounds good. I’d make the topic visible however so that others can find it and get directed to the Living wo google thread.

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