How big are the FP3 niches?

I currently use a used LG V20. I swapped the mainboard to fix it for $80usd total cost. I like the replaceable battery, sdcard and headphone jack. I also like the easy repairability.
These are ALL things the Fairphone ticks for me but the Fairphone also has ethics, an open bootloader and true repairability. I wouldn’t ever buy a locked bootloader now.

This is a total of SIX features it has over standard manufacturers. That’s A LOT of niches! I didn’t even count workers rights, sustainability and environmental impact.

I wonder how long this advantage can last?
I wonder how many people are like me and refuse to buy a phone with a locked bootloader? Plenty of V20 owners keep this phone just for the user replaceable battery. I wonder how many people are out there like that? And how many people actually want a headphone socket? How many people are out there wanting that too?

Personally, I’m prepared to pay 1.5x - 2x the price to get these features. FP3 is just on the limit for this in terms of new phones. I really hope one day it will be within my budget.

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You might not have asked for an exact number, but when it comes to the Fairphone 3, it has sold significantly faster than both its predecessors so far:

Is there any way to tell why people are buying it? I’m curious to know how many people are interested in the fairly unique features like the battery and sdcard vs ethical part

Very few I imagine. Now on the other hand the replaceable battery and audio jack still make a lot of sense and desired by many, but it got dumped due to a silly race for slim design. It’s not that we asked for it, nor did we asked for bezel-less screen or the godawful notch. It was merely forced on us, “look it’s a progress, it must be good”.

“Problem” is, it sells.
People obviously want that kind of design features; want the phone to be shiny, bright and good for showing off.
And it’s not like Fairphone-buyers are not exempt from such thinking. Just take a look at the thread where you can vote for colors for the new protective cover for the FP3

But I am absolutely with you, that most people will buy the FP rather for ethical standards than for an unlocked bootloader.
Just my guess of course, as I doubt that there is any evaluation at this early stage. Maybe Fairphone will do some market research later on.

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Consumerism is not going away for it has become akin to medicine. I voted myself in that thread, I understand it, pure intellectualism will not win the day.

To me this company is ahead of the curve in way it is a model and a guide for other companies who unfortunately will not budge themselves before the buyers will. The model is working face to face with suppliers, public transparency, spreading awareness, informing buyers of the ecological and cultural footprint, and I think that is the whole point, to push out big companies and the consumers out of the dark age mentality.


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