Fairphone 3 sales so far

Do we have any sales statistics for the FP3 so far? A quick forum search didn’t give me any results.

Fairphone’s goal was to sell 40.000 FP3’s in 2019, I’m interested if they were able to achieve it. Maybe our new Community Manager @lorahaspels has some information about that? :slight_smile:


Interesting question.
There is no annual report from Fairphone, neither has there been one for the past years; so I guess, they are not obliged to publish one.

My guess would just be, that the delays in deliveries could have slowed down sales a bit in the beginning. Hopefully they will publish some data later on.

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And don’t forget, that a Fairphone employee - at least once in 2016 - presented a number :wink: :


Hey there! Our target for FP3’s sold in 2019 was 42K and we can happily say that we reached 43K before the end of the year :slight_smile: That brings us to a total over 200K FP’s sold total.


Hey, that’s really great to hear.
So the launch via press conference was successful. :slight_smile:

Hopefully you can keep the flow … :smile:


Stunning! :+1: Congratulations!

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This is really impressive. Good Work!

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That’s clearly more, than the numbers for the FP2.

According to a ZD-net article (:de:) from August 2016 they sold 45,000 FP2 within the first 6 months; now with the FP3 they sold 43,000 during the last 4 months of 2019.


This shows, that the stone is rolling and gaining speed…nice! :+1:


Also the number of people raised, who had at least heard of Fairphone. I mostly do not need to explain anymore what Fairphone is, but how it is.
So it is fair to say that the brand is spread already. Now the phone must prove to be what it is intend to be: a sustainable device.


Owning FP2 since 2018 and FP3 since 2020 I can tell, that FP3 outrivals FP2 in any respect, though I love them both. :revolving_hearts:
Especially the bumper FP3 ships with is extremely useful.


To me it is useless as I have to have a flip case or at least silicon case to protect the camera glass, more than once I have leaned on something hard forgetting about the phone in the pocket an shattering the glass. Right now I’m using a flip case from another brand of phone and although it kind of fits it also sucks.


I always crush the edges, never the glass :thinking: … so for me it does the job.
As of silicon cases that I tried on, I can tell that those for

  • IPhone 6–8, X/XS/XR
  • Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Huawei Mate 20 (Pro)
    do not fit. Even though the Huawei had the right size, the buttons were on the wrong side.
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I doubt that any case would fit since Fairphone is deeper than most smartphones due to its modular nature.

Wow! Great to see that FP is getting more known (and bought) nowadays!

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