How about FP2 as a kit?

Don’t know, if FP actually is planning this - but wouldn’t it make sense to offer and ship the FF2 not completely assembled, but as a kit for DIY-assembly?

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hey h_robi,

Nice idea but I don’t think it really makes sense. It is probably cheaper to apply the same handling to all devices than to have another way of processing which requires separate handling.

It might be worth it if about half of customers bought a non-assembled phone. But then it would still be just for the fun of it and has nothing to do with longevity or sustainability.

Also a DIY kit usually requires more packaging which is not eco friendly :wink:


Also I think it will be so easy to disassemble that there is no need to sell it non-assembled. :smiley:


FF=Firefox??? (Or in Austria: Freiwillige Feuerwehr = firefighters)??? FP=Fairphone!!! :smiley:


We were thinking this through with FP1. @enos actually built a FP1 using the spare parts from the shop.

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Actually: FairFon. :wink:


Haha! :slight_smile: bad excuse! :wink:

So, in the long run how big are the chances for this?

When thinking about modularity it might be interesting to be able to choose between differently priced modules of the same purpose or even swap out one (e.g. camera) for a different module.

If you want to assemble an FP2 yourself just buy the individual modules, or - even better - buy an FP2, take it apart and put it back together.

ATM the modularity of the FP2 is just a means of replacing broken modules. Upgrades may come in the future to ensure longevity.

Wishes and speculations about future - official, third party or diy - modules go here:

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