How about a 'Tutorials' category?


I couldn’t help but notice there is a high variety of forum users, and especially tech skills levels go from zero to ultimate geek god. :sweat_smile: I for one, but I guess many others too, through the openness and flexibility of the fairphone, but also being frustrated to be guided through (effective) procedures without really understanding how/why it worked, have been drawn closer to this magic world, and would be very interested in improving my skills. I would love to learn how to repair and troubleshoot the phone in case of need, but also try out alternatives for better privacy or for fun (other OSes, no GApps, etc.), and finally learn a bit more about the mysteries of coding.

I was thus wondering if it wouldn’t be interesting, as well as in the spirit of this community, to create a ‘Tutorials’ category where skilled users could guide inexperienced users like myself through the learning process for a particular topic, rather than randomly helping them solve a very specific issue through means they often don’t understand. I’m thinking of things like, for instance:

  • How to root your FPOS, FPOOS
  • What is/How to flash a ROM
  • How to compile
  • How to disassemble your FP1
  • What are the pros and cons of a rooted/unrooted phone
  • Etc.

It could perhaps be created as a free-to-edit wiki, so other skilled users can contribute to it, while the “comment section” could be sort of a place for questions and answers.

I’m sure there are already similar threads throughout the forum, but it would be nice to have them all grouped under a category in my opinion, as well as giving an input for people to share their knowledge with less skilled users. Let’s make tech look less like magic and more like science! :wink:


Most of those posts are wikis and they are currently grouped under the tag #wiki.

It was discussed many times before to create a category for wikis (e.g. here), but it never lead to anything.

There were other ideas too to make wikis more prominent. Like adding a link to #wiki in the navigation bar or at least making wikis green again.

Ah, nice! I did not know that! Perhaps a category would be easier to find, but I guess this is already pretty good! :slight_smile: Also, another thing that just came to my mind, any idea on how to “ask” for a wiki on a specific topic? Let’s say I’d like to learn how to flash a certain ROM on my phone, is there anywhere I can raise the question?

It would be really nice to have a defined channel where skilled and inexperienced users can communicate their knowledge/interests. :slight_smile:

I guess the best thing to do is just ask for whatever info you need and if enough info is gathered (have someone) start a wiki.

If a ROM is ported to the FP there will be a wiki on how to install it in #software:alternative-oses - no need to ask for it.

Well I’m sure there can always be improvements but in general that is the forum.

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Generally I’m always pro thematically categorized discussions, rather than having different topics grouped together in an artificial “Tutorials”-category.

Click for answers to your questions

In FP Open OS root can easily be enabled in the Developer Options.


This is different for every custom ROM, but here are the instructions for FP Open OS.

Everything is on iFixit.

I can recommend this interesting discussion:

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