Hotspot on FP3 not working well

I am constantly encountering issues with my FP3 hotspot. 4G on the phone and perfect reception, but I have constantly occurring dips in my hotspot connections. As there is many instances where I am dependent on my phone´s internet for work, this is beyond frustrating.

Anyone had this issue and know how to solve?

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Have you done a forum search to see if a similar topic already exists?
E.g: Search results for 'hotspot FP3' - Fairphone Community Forum or Search results for 'tethering FP3' - Fairphone Community Forum.

Otherwise, could you describe which problems you are having, and when connecting with which devices?


Hi Alex, yes, I did a search but could not find anything. My experience can briefly be described as follows:

  1. I set up a hotspot on my FP3 and connect with it through my Dell Windows 10 laptop
  2. Initially the internet speed is as expected and I can use my Zoom app as normal.
  3. Suddenly (can’t find any correlation with particular events), the internet speed drops to almost zero, and sometimes even totally disappears. When doing a speedtest on my phone when that happens, I always find it to be at least 10Mbits/s download, which should be sufficient for Zoom.

Does this provide you with some useful details?

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Did you check if data saver was not on? Do you have a data limit set so that it might stop the data connection at some point?
Otherwise you could try readding the APNs (Settings→Network and Internet→Mobile data→(Advanced)→APNs).

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your swift reply. Data saver was off. Not sure what you mean with readding the APN’s. Do I need to first delete them and than add them again?

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Yes that’s what I meant :slight_smile:

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