Hotspot loses connection frequently

For some time now (maybe since I upgraded to Android 7), whenever I have been in movement, e.g. in a train, my phone’s hotspot has been disconnecting every few minutes. To reconnect, I have to deactivate Wifi on my computer, then deactivate and reactivate the hotspot on my phone, and reactivate Wifi.

This doesn’t happen (or not often) when I stay in one place.

Any solutions? Thank you!

Could this be related to e.g.

I have no idea of how these things work but it seems quite different to me.

My problem occurs when my phone is transferring data via the cellular network (usually 4G) and I use the phone as a hotspot to go online with my computer.

So I understand right that when “your phone’s hotspot has been disconnected” your computer is no longer connected to the wifi created by your phone’s hotspot mode. And then the phone’s wifi is no longer seen in the available wifi networks from your computer (until you do the steps you’ve described)?

That’s right, the computer can’t use the phone’s connection anymore. But on my computer, it looks as though the connection were still active. The WiFi symbol is still active. I notice something has gone wrong because e-mails go to the outbox rather than being sent. The Dropbox icon is also greyed out.

Does that help?

When connection on computer works no longer, is the phone itself still able to access internet then? At the hotpot icon on the phone - how many connected clients does the phone report?

I will check tomorrow when I will be in the train again.

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It MIGHT also be issue 117. But it doesn’t sound TOO equal and there’s not a lot of information about it in the bugtracker…

Just a note to say that I didn’t have an opportunity to test the connection again last week. I will get back to you as soon as I know more. Thank you!

Dont think so, it does connect initially and works fine as long as I stay in one place…


It happened again just now. The dropbox icon greyed out, my e-mail programm shows a warning for an account error. The connection icon on the computer seems active; on the phone, the hotspot is still active and shows 1 connected device.

Simply clicking on my Fairphone’s hotspot on the computer does not reestablish the connection. Deactivating and reactivating wifi on the computer (without de- and reactivating the hotspot on the phone) does.

Does that help?..

Thank you!

As disabling and reenabling WiFi on the notebook helps it might be a problem of the notebook. Anyway - have you updated the phone to the latest release (released about a week ago) yet?

I haven’t had time to install the update yet (I want to backup everything first).

As to your first suggestion: the problem appears only when I am travelling (and using my phone as a hotspot). When I stay in one place, it never disconnects. Isn’t that a hint towards a problem linked to the phone?

I think, that’s wise.

It’s a hint that it might happen when mobile network changes or is temporarily not available. But still no proof…
It might help to see what another device connected via WLAN Hotspot says while notebook does not work anymore (although I know it might be difficult to have an additional device during a trip…).

I have exactly the same problem - or at least very, very similar:

I have FP2 and I am using it for mobile hotspot since some months regularly when taking the train and working with my laptop - without problems. But now I changed provider (to be exact, it’s the another brand of the same provider, I switched from Austrian “bob” to “yesss”, both belongs to “A1 Telekom”).

Now, with the new provider I am loosing connection after a very short period. So my question is: Are there any solutions in the meantime for this problem?!?

Thanks in advance for any hint!

It’s funny. As I was writing this, hotspot via FP2 was working about 15 minutes in train. Afterwards I closed the connection and reconnected - and the problems appeared again. Really annoying… I guess it will be hard to find the reason/solve the problem.

I never found a solution or an explanation but for some time, it seemed to happen less often. Or maybe I just got used to it.

I will not be working til the end of this year so I will not be able to track any changes…

Good luck!

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