Hot CPU => touchscreen doesn't react anymore

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I have the following issue: When I play a game (e.g. Threes!, it’s completely free on the Amazon store), the upper part of the FP2 where the CPU is installed gets very hot. The hotter the CPU gets, the less does the touchscreen respond to inputs.

I already filed a ticket at the support, but they told me that the CPU is a high performance processor and the heat retains due to the plastic back cover.

Seriously, the explanation makes sense to me, but … seriously?! I’d be great if that problem could be handled by throttling the CPU right before it gets too hot and then (as I suspect) throttled too much.

Did any one else experience that issue?



Some more information:

Thanks for these information, Gerry!

I was hoping that there’d be a software-based solution for this, so either
a) throttle the CPU before it gets too hot
b) notify about very CPU intensive background apps or
c) automatically kill very CPU intensive background apps

In my case, I don’t think it’s background apps that cause the CPU overheating because it’s only for some apps when they are in foreground mode.

Also I’d like to know if it’s a hardware bug that causes the touchscreen to stop working if the area in the phone gets too hot or if simply the CPU gets throttled too much so that the user input can’t be handled in time.

By the way, I’m super happy with my FP2 and thanks for the Marshmallow update, it makes the FP2 even better!

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You can limit background processes, maybe that helps.

Go to Settings > About and tap on the build number 10 times so the developer options appear, then
Go to Settings > Developer Options and almost at the very bottom you have an option to limit background processes.

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