Horizontal and vertical white stripes

Hey everyone

On Tuesday November 12, 2014, came my Fairphone. But now the screen does not show the images clearly, appreciating horizontal lines. Moreover, they have appeared vertical light bands.
I have made a “soft reset” and a “hard reset” by reconfiguring the phone but the problem persists.

Jennifer from the support team said that it looks as if the display has to be replaced. She wrote that I could either send it back, or order spare parts and repair it myself. I sincerely hope that this problem will be covered by the warranty, I’m now waiting for the return form.

Can you take a screenshot, and post it here?

You can take a screenshot by pressing the power button and volume down simultaneously for some seconds.

Yeah, it sounds like a hardware fault. You’ll need to return it to have it replaced under warranty :smile:

David, technical support, has sent me the return document, with the RMA.

When trying to send the Fairphone with the return document in the post office of Spain, they tell me they can not send cell phones.
At DHL tell me that with that document I can not send it.

Jose, I have exactly the same problem. I haven’t tried to send it yet, I’m still waiting the answer from the technical support. Can you keep me updated? I’m also from Spain I guess I’ll have the same problems for sending it.


Yesterday I could send my Fairphone to Holland. David of the technical service told me to send by DHL, and I pay the shipping. When they received the phone return me the cost.

The phone has already been delivered in the Netherlands and David asked me IBAN and BIC to reimburse the cost.
In the DHL office, I was offered two prices I chose the cheaper, 43 euros. David thinks it’s an expensive price.
I consulted the rates on the web page “www.dhl.es” and the price is higher (54.90 euros and 68.62 euros), I imagine that includes the collection in the package home, but does not include VAT. I have no experience sending packages.

I hope you get lucky.

Yesterday it was my new Fairphone.

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Hi guys, I just picked up my FP1 from my bag and now I have these horizontal lines covering the screen as described above. Strange, since they appeared just all of a sudden… Was it hardware damage? And was it possible to fix? I guess this is nothing I can fix myself considering the previous messages here :frowning: Thanks in advance! BR

Anna, follow ben’s instructions here:

After taking the screenshot (do NOT take a photo of it with another device, it is essential that you take the screenshot using your Fairphone the way ben describes), you might want change the display direction by 90° before you view the screenshot to be able to determine whether it displays the lines or not.

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Hi, thanks for quick reply. I made a screen shot and sent it to a friend and the lines are not visible so it seems it is hardware is bad. What to do??

Contact Fairphone Support and explain the problem. I would recommend to now also take a PHOTO of the display that shows the lines and provide both that photo and the screenshot to Fairphone support should they request it.

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Ok I have sent a message to the support. Thanks for the advice, I will try to fix a Picture tomorrow since I don´t have another camera. Fingers crossed my phone can be fixed! Thanks again :slight_smile: BR / Anna

…or take a good old bathroom mirror photo if necessary :wink:

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