Home Sweet Uruguay

Hola, I would very much like to procure a Fair Phone 2 for use in Uruguay.
It is my understanding that it will operate fairly well in my area with movistar service.
However, I’m not sure how to simply obtain a phone in the first place. I can have it sent to a friend in Switzerland, who will send it to me. But my credit card is currently attached to a u.s. billing address, for now.
The ordering forms online, do not allow for me to even enter this billing address.
I have sent an email to the company and not yet received a reply. I understand that they are backlogged with messages and such.
So my questions to the community are:
Does anybody have experience or information as to the functionality of the phone in Uruguay?
Is there a way for me to order the phone with my own card, or must I find another way?
Thank you much for taking the time to read and perhaps respond. And thank you for caring about the origins of your phone as well.

I think you must find another way, because Fairphone doesn’t sell outside of Europe and I don’t even think they legally can.
You could transfer the money to your friend and have them buy it.
Just know: If you ever need repair or spare parts you’ll have to do it the complicated way again.


Paula, thank you very much. I suspected this might be my only option. And
also, that any need for parts or repairs would be the same.
I think I will go this route nonetheless. Otherwise I would simply not have
a phone/computer… As this will be my only device for communication.
I very much appreciate you taking the time to respond to my inquiry.
All the best to you.


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