Home screen shows No Service - giffgaff

I have put my Giffgaff sim from my old Huawei phone into Slot 1. It shows at the top of my first screen like so:
No Service - giffgaff

When I look in SIM cards it shows Slot 1 as giffgaff and then the fields below ‘Preferred SIM for’ are all greyed out but all say giffgaff next to them.

When I click on Slot 1 it shows the Operator as giffgaff but is show Number as ‘Unknown’.

Does anyone know what’s wrong please!!! Thanks.

“No Service” means that the phone misses the carrier signal.

Have you checked here?


Well, when I put the same SIM in my old phone it works with no problem at all, so don’t think coverage is the issue. Can a FP2 actually be locked I wonder - I bought it from ebay where the listing shows it being unlocked though.

Maybe the frequency band for giffgaff available in your area is not supported by the FP2.

I’m on giffgaff and my FP2 has been working well for the last 3 years. Have you tried the other SIM card slot? I had some problems with one of my SIM card slots at some point.

Also, I’m pretty sure the FP2 is only available unlocked.

Have just tried FP2 on o2, if just one SIM in slot1 not recognised but once two SIM’s in place get service, although Operator and number remain “Unknown”.

How old is your SIM card? Perhaps a new one works better.
Also please try a SIM card from another provider (from a family member of friend) to test the SIM slots

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Having an unknown phone number is not unusual, and not a problem in itself. With two SIMs in place, are you able to use one of the SIMs to make calls?

Are the antenna connectors properly attached?

Also, did you try cleaning the connectors on your SIM cards, or using only slot 2 for giffgaff?


Thank’s everyone who’s offering help - what a great place this is! Sorry not to be great at getting back quickly though.

I have finally today managed to get the network search to accept me selecting O2 (didn’t to start with) and I did manage to send a text to my daughter which I had ready to send. She replied straightaway (also on GG) but reception disappeared even more straightaway.

Whereas with my old phone I could get reception in quite a few places in the house, I cannot now get reception even in the best places that my husband has to put his phone to get reception (his phone has the most difficulty getting reception but these places are reliable for him). The whole family is with G-gaff and we all have varying experiences with where we can get reception - my old phone was best!

Should I now take the whole thing apart to check the antenna connectors? Sounds scary!

Has your FP2 suffered a drop in the past? If you have ever detached the screen disassembly is one stage further removing three tiny screws to access both ends of the antenna cable.


Great, my phone is now working,

I checked the antennae and one end was slightly loose and also changed from 4g to 3g,

I now have pretty good reception in the house!

Thanks again for all your help.


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