Hola Launcher - different versions?


FP2 with OS 17.10.1

I try to find a launcher I feel comfortable with. At one point I believed the crashes was because of MetroLook -launcher but I am not so sure anymore, I think it’s more beause of the OS.

But my question:

I get confused about these different HOLA launchers in the Appstore. I got the “normal” Hola launcher and thought I get rid of the advertisements getting Hola Pro but that program wanted a different basic Hola…

So I keep getting TWO advertisements everytime I want to open up the phone…

What is it that I don’t understand?

Did you get this one?

That’s a scam.

Do not use the Play Store to find new software. Its infested with crap like this.

The FP Launcher is fine for my needs. You can also get Google’s Pixel Launcher via 3rd party port on your phone.

Microsoft also has their own launcher.

However all these launchers just continuously download crap and try to be some kind of Facebook. Completely not needed, and your battery suffers.

Instead I have an application with push notifications which tells me when it is going to rain (Buienalarm). If I want to see news, I open up Firefox and go to the websites I regularly read. Saves me battery and gives me more focus.

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I personally use SmartLauncher on all my devices. Even payed for it!

Free version has some limited capabilities (no multi-finger-gestures, limited amount of X, not customizable Y), but is nice to try out.

It automatically sorts the app into categories according to the meta-tags within these apps (which you can then sort manually if you disagree).

No ads, no widgets, no battery-draining stuff. Just a launcher to LAUNCH programs :wink:


I use the Fairphone Launcher 3 (default Launcher from FP(Open)OS on Android 5.1). @Roboe was so kind and compiled it for me :slight_smile:


I use Action Launcher which is really cool as well.

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