Hide Apps in app drawer FP4 android 12

I wonder, the ability to hide apps in your app drawer is a pretty basic feature. Though it seams to be a feature that the device manufatures does them selfs and not a part of the stock android.

Or have it missunderstood this and you can hide apps in your app drawer on FP4 Android 12? In case not anyone knows of any FOSS apps the would enable this basic feature?

I’d usually think that the way to achieve that is to deactivate the app (Settings > Apps > …) you want to hide.

Or do you still want to use the app(s) that you want to hide?

Yes, hide apps. Not disabled.

Even though the Hidden apps are easly found on if you go to your apps in settings but they are hidden from your app drawer, giving an cleaner look and requires an extra step to access your SMS app for example.

Like using a pin-locked short cut on you home screen to lock out access to your X-app. Having the app hidden would atleast not give access to your app without going opening the app through the settings menu, which most people wouldn’t.

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So with App drawer you mean pulling up from the bottom and not your home screen? Because I think using the App drawer already is an extra step to access an App (compared to open from home screen). I doubt there is a way to hide Apps from the App drawer other than deactivating them, at least I have never seen this in any Android Verison from any Android manufacturer…


I think it’s a feature for most of the major major manufactures of android devices, atleast Samsung, One Plus, LG

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But the app drawer is the place where all your installed apps are. If you don‘t want it at all, just deinstall it. Doesn‘t make any sense to me to hide it there.

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I do understand why someone would like to hide apps in the drawer, some can’t be deactivated / removed, some are shortcuts to settings that used to be hideable, and sometimes you just want to keep yourself from mindlesly opening apps that waste your time.

There are a lot of reasons to want it, but Quickstep the default launcher doesn’t support that (and I think never has).
The only solution is using a different launcher.


Oh I didnt know its a Launcher “thing” as well…coming from IOS I was already happy not all Apps are just thrown on my home screen

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I use the app drawer only to eventually drag app icons on my home screen. Are you using it actually to start apps?

Yeah, launchers allow your home screen to support any feature that you desire. Some are really impressive – some provide incredible functionality, whereas some are beautiful. iOS is worse off for not supporting them. I implore you to investigate what is available.

(That’s what I use it for.)

Sounds strange to me, that’s what the home screen is made for.

Yeah, I only keep my most used apps on the homescreen and a few others in a folder easily accessible to the right, everything else gets started from the app drawer as needed.

I often have to help friends and family with their phones / PCs and I’ve learned there are basically two kinds of people, “throw everything on the desktop” vs “I need less icons on here”.
I get easily distracted, so my solution is having free space to look at my wallpapers :smirk:

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I use the app drawer for that too. On my single home screen page, there are just some widgets and the mostly used apps, the rest is accessible via at most two vertical swipes in an alphabetically ordered list. For me, this works way quicker.

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Yes, that’s what I meant. What I need is on the home screen, what I don’t or very seldomly need, stays in the app drawer. But then all apps need to be in the app drawer, so I can use them, if necessary.

For me it was like hXyhlasbasdf doesn’t use the home screen at all, but always the app drawer.

Well, yeah, that was the same for me, because the application drawer is alphabetically ordered, so I know where everything is, whereas the home screen is manually positioned. I solely use(d) it for widgets,

I just use Niagara Launcher now, which I merely a list with widget support.

You should try Niagara launcher.

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