Hidden security PIN code on FP4

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I may be wrong but thought to have read somewhere that there was a possibility to set an alternative hidden PIN code that, when typed in place of the normal one, performs a general factory reset of the phone. Does anybody know about that security feature, if exists ?

There’s Auto factory reset under Settings → Security → Advanced:


Other than that I only remember that feature from some custom ROM I had years ago (not sure which one it was) :thinking:

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Thanks for quick answering :slight_smile:
I already knew about this feature but it’s unfortunately not exactly the one I’m looking for.
What I’d like to find as a optional feature is an alternative code to give to someone (robber or policeman) that may force me to get the true one, resulting in a complete factory reset instead of unlocking the phone.


If you haven’t found a solution already, I just noticed there’s Duress available on F-Droid now.
Combined with Wasted, this should give you the functionality you wanted :slightly_smiling_face:


On my FP3 [F-Droid] there is no [Duress] available.

However there is F-Droid > Settings > Panic button settings

Then you need to activate another package/repo or just download online and install it from apk


Have you updated the repo index recently? I can find both apps in the standard f-droid repo on my FP4. But the release date is yesterday, so it’s pretty fresh.

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I’ve just checked and I only have one of four repos enabled, the default F-Droid.

I’ll enable the others.

Thanks @yvmuell too.

Added repos and now have the app.

Thanks again.

Nice of you, I’ll go further with those two mixed solutions, and keep an eye too on the Guardian Project I didn’t know more.

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Not true.

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I just find where I’ve read about this feature, it was in a 2021 roadmap of the e.foundation OS where it’s called nuke PIN.
Unfortunately, it seems to be not yet implemented, as far as I know.


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