Hidden complete network loss fixed by Airplane Mode toggle


I don’t believe this is my network at all. The phone looks like it’s connected fine and in fact you see the H+ with the up and down arrows going if you try to do anything with the network but eventually it times out.

For calls anyone who calls me isn’t registered. If I try to call out it just crashes with nothing on the other end and texts don’t send.

Normally a switch back and forth from Airplane Mode (is there mod to get he UK spelling on that?) will resolve it.

More annoying is that WiFi works fine so it’s completely impossible to see it’s happened when you’re in a place where you’re using WiFi.

I note that when this happens my phone appears to have used a large amount of battery compared to normal use.

Has anyone else been getting this? I’ve been having it for the last two weeks at least now.


I have some similar issues with data connection in some cases, often after leaving a region with bad reception? But i do not know the cause. I get the H+ but not data, i turn on Airplane Mode and off, and most time the connection is back.

I will try to imitate a call next time i notice this. I could very well be i am not reachable as well, i get very few calls since WhatsApp…

I actually tried swapping the SIM over to the other slot and thought that was working but the same thing happened. Not really sure what to do. I may have to buy a new phone.

You should probably contact Fairphone Support before buying a new phone, perhaps they are able to repair your phone.