Hidden audio files? Memory Hog

When I look at my phone’s storage, in the ‘Music & audio’ section, it tells me that 4.48GB is taken by ‘Audio files’ (as opposed to specific apps, which it also lists and are accounted for). When I click on it it takes me to a list of files that barely come to 100MB. Any idea where the other 4GB might be lurking?

Maybe you could show a screen shot of what you see to understand what you are reading.

Settings > Storage > Internal shared storage > Music and audio: reads 0.06GB
Clicking on that shows a fitting amount related to apps; age as shown below

You may also be reading actual music and video files.

Do you have the SD card formatted as Internal do you see the eject button to the right of the SD card ?

Conversely: When I click on my 2.75Mb Audio files it takes me to my External SD and shows my 1.9GB of music

Thanks amoun.

This is what I see -

The SD card is formatted as External, and there are no audio files on it, unless you count the videos (but the card doesn’t show me any files when I ask it to show me any audio files on it).

When clicking on the 4.48Gb audio files it takes me to this -

Which is the list I mentioned before which barely tickles 100mb (if I click on the 'large files tag it tells me there are no files to show)

The Audio record, as mentioned on mine showing 2.75M hides the 1.9GB of the actual tracks.

Maybe you do have some files that are not accessible or readable but still take up memory.

You could try and dismount the SD card and see if that changes the stats

How do you do that?

By the way I see you are in the UK, not down the south west by any chance?

But in my case it’s the opposite - claiming there are 4GB worth of files - in the internal memory - but not showing me what they are. I’m guessing that for you it says 2.75mb because the files are on the SD card, therefore they don’t take space in the internal memory.

I never transferred or saved any audio files to the SD card, so I’d be very surprised if there are any hiding there. But regardless, that is the crux of my problem - how do I find these files (whether on the card or, more likely, in the internal memory)?

Afraid not - south east :slight_smile:

I can only think of using the [File manager] or if you are up to using ADB you can browse using a computer.

This link just shows how ADB works in some fashion. I used it to de-google my phone.

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