Hey, let us have Sailfish

Jolla and Fairphone had a similar start last year, both have the attemt to change something, Fairphone wants to be fairer and openerer, Jolla tries to be openerer and independentier.
Both of these companies are incredibly attractive to me, and Fairphone should be lucky that I decided to get their phone. But in contrary to attractive people, I believe you do not have to decide, you can have both. I talked about it already here, suggesting to use Sailfish OS instead of Android for the Fairphone.
Sailfish OS is an advanced MeeGo, the mobile OS Nokia used to have. Yet, it has a Linux Kernel and is being developed indiependently by Jolla, and it is opensourced. It can run Android Apps easily, which is good.

I would really really love to see a Sailfish Port for the current Fairphone. And I might dream too much right now, but a “collaboration” between Jolla and Sailfish (Fairohone Hardware, Jolla Software or something like that) for future projects…
Now you. Do you agree with me if I say Jolla and Fairphone fit too well to each other to not make things together? Yay then, let us have a discussion, and have a nice day!


I think that’s the main point: Jolla is not fair. I was also unsure if I would buy a FP or a Jolla phone, but then it is about the fairness. That is one of the reasons to buy a FP: We believe that in small steps there can be a change in smartphone production. Also the Jolla phone is not open: What happens if something breaks? You have to send your phone to them, so they can charge you fees for reparation…

On the other hand I like Sailfish OS very much because of their innovative approach concerning the touchscreen control. It’s all about swiping! :wink:

Now imagine a Sailfish Phone that is fairer and openererer (in sense of hardware). Wouldnt it be an upgrade for both companies?


Maybe you can continue this discussion in one of these threads?
Future Fairphone OS Development
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Just to make it easier to see the whole discussion without having to look for lots of smaller threads with (good) ideas.


As suggested by madde, it would be best to continue the discussion going on some of the already existing topics. I’ve therefore locked this topic which prevents new replies.