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I’ve been using Vanilla Music app for quite some time now. Today I saw that Vanilla has some strange order in which it plays the MP3 files.

The source of my files is my Banshee archive on my Linux desktop. Banshee organizes all MP3 coming from one album in a folder named after the album, and all albums from one artist sit inside a folder named after the artist.

The files are name with the scheme [trackno].[tracktitle}.mp3

Pretty straightforward. As track numbers are two digits, simple alphanumeric ordering will yield the proper order for playing them. Vanilla shows track names by the content of the tag. Inside the tags, Banshee does embed the track number, so even when going after tags rather than after filenames, the correct order should be achievable.

Yet, Vanilla has an order of its own, which I still haven’r really figured out.

Is there a way to tell Vanilla that it shall strictly play by alphanumerical file name ordering? Or to stick to the track numbers in the tags?


Have you unchecked the shuffling option in the playback section? I don’t remember Vanilla messing with the order of pkayback although my library is organised exactly as yours.

Thanks, yes, shuffle is unchecked. Yesterday evening I found a partial solution. In the album view, the three dots present a sorting menu. There are lots of options. Preselected was “artist, album, title”. There is also “filename” as an option. And this works as it should, the order is instantly correct.

But I am still puzzled why “artist, album, title” does not work. If Vanilla does not use the filename, where else could it get a title number from, if not from the tags? Playlists are another way, but I do not use them at the moment, because I do not need them to simply play albums sequentially… So I guess, there is a tag problem with Vanilla, but I can stick to filenames…

Is the track number embedded in the title tag? If not, titles might be played alphabetically (e.g. Because (track no 2) plays before Here Comes the Sun (track no 1).

This doesn’t sound how it should be though. :sweat_smile:

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Just for the record: Vanilla Music uses tags stored in the mp3 files.

I’ve told Vanille Music to order by “album, title” because in many albums there are man artists. Now when there’s a problem with sorting it’s always a problem with missing/wrong tags.

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