Help with lock screen controls, alarm and spotify, FP2

Does anyone know how to get Spotify controls on the lock screen (like you get on an iphone) and also how to get the alarm to also come up on the lock screen so that when it goes off you don’t have to swipe, open the clock app and turn off the alarm?

I have looked on this forum, looked on Spotify’s forum and googled. I’ve also been through all the menu options and searched help within my phone.

I’d really appreciate some help. Love the ethics behind the FP2, hence why I bought it. Find android frustrating, always have, and need some tips.



I am not sure about Spotify as I don’t use it but for the alarm, did you check the following: Settings > Sound & Notifications > Notifications - scroll down to the clock app and check if it is turned on (or to priority). Then alarms should show on the lock screen. Maybe it is the same with Spotify?



Worked for Spotify!

Will wait until 6:30am to see if it works for the alarm (or maybe try before…)


Glad that it worked. :blush: