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Let’s just rip the bandaid off. We need to prepare you for something, but trust us, it helps you as much as it helps us! Ok, here it goes: you might receive a survey once you update your Fairphone. Now that it’s out there, here is a short read about why we are asking these questions.

Here’s to a longer living phone

At one point or another during your lifetime, you have completed a survey. Maybe it was to provide feedback after a customer service call, how your time at a restaurant was or how clean the bathroom was in the airport. Surveys are necessary as it helps companies improve their products, services and fine tune details that we, as consumers, aren’t even aware of. Afterall, products are made for us, consumers, so shouldn’t we be a part of their improvement?

While the main purpose of most other surveys are the above mentioned, our main reason is to understand from you: if there is no expiration date on your phone, how long would you like to keep using your Fairphone? What could be reasons you are ready to swap out your current phone for a new one? This will help us reach our goal and keep our promise of extending the lifespan of Fairphones well beyond the average 2.7 year use – as well as continue to make amazing products and provide quality support .

That’s why we also want to hear more from you regarding your experience with certain features on the phone; would you recommend Fairphone to a friend or colleague; and, have you found the “make coffee now” function? That last one isn’t real, but wouldn’t that be cool?

We do this for you

Your input will help us make those 5 years (and perhaps beyond) with your phone an all-around positive experience. You will directly be involved (via the survey) in making sure we are on track to keeping our promise of supporting your phone past the average lifespan of smartphones.

Even if there are features you don’t enjoy, we’d rather know so we can keep making adjustments, all the while continuing to strive for quality and excellence. This is why this survey is so special. It’s not just to gain insights for the next generation of phones, it is to put you, the user, at the center so we can help you keep your phone for longer. We want our smartphone to be more sustainable and as most of the environmental impact is caused in the production phase, extending the lifespan to as long as possible is the most effective means to achieve this goal.

That is why your voice is so important. Your experience with your phone will actively help us achieve what we have set out to do: create a more fair and sustainable smartphone.

You can opt out

You can opt out anytime through the My Fairphone app, but we would be honored for you to share your voice as it helps us in our quest to make the best products for you and to continue providing quality support. If you choose not to provide your valuable insight, don’t worry, we will still support you.

We can’t do this telepathically or make a guess, because that won’t help you guys. So as Jerry Maguire so eloquently puts it “help me, help you!”


“My account” with Fairphone that I have set up as a customer and log in via the page (PC desktop browser) “Customer login” is probably another account that I can use in the app (smartphone) “My Fairphone”. In the app, my email address is recognised but my password is not accepted.
This is now a bit confusing. Do I have to create a second account now? and which account is then responsible for what? or is the reference to my email address missing in your database?
I think one account should be “1 account” because otherwise there are only complications for the customer that are not transparent.

“Mein Konto” bei Fairphone das ich als Kunde eingerichtet habe und mich über die Seite (PC Desktop Browser) “Kundenlogin” einlogge ist wohl ein anderes Konto das ich in der App (Smartphone) “My Fairphone” benutzen kann. In der App wird meine E-Mail-Adresse erkannt aber mein Passwort nicht akzeptiert.
Das ist nun etwas verwirrend. Muss ich jetzt ein zweites Konto anlegen? und welches Konto ist dann für was zuständig? oder fehlt da bei euch in der Datenbank der Verweis auf meine E-Mail-Adresse?
Ich Denke ein Konto sollte “1 Konto” sein da sich für den Kunden sonst nur Komplikationen ergeben die undurchsichtig sind.

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Hi all,
This survey is for Fairphone owners but is there any survey for people who don’t have a Fairphone?
Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I’m using a FP2 for 2 years now and I’m really happy about it. I’m answering here as I won’t receive the survey on my phone, as I’m not using the Fairphone OS but Ubuntu Touch for one year and a half and now /e/OS. To sum things up: I won’t ever change my phone as long as the battery is good enough or I can buy a new battery, and I receive new software version (with /e/OS I’m on Android 10, this will keep me updated for years).


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