Help Unlocking Bootloader onFairphone 4 with /e/OS


I recently purchased the Fairphone 4 with /e/OS, and I am trying to convert it back to the stock Android OS. (I purchased the /e/OS version only because it was the only version available in the USA.)

I have been going through the steps listed here:

I am not stuck on unlocking the bootloader.

I have tried executing the command “fastboot oem unlock”, but it keeps returning “unknown command”, “fastboot: error: Command failed”

I am on the fastboot screen.

How can I get the bootloader unlocked? What am i doing wrong? Please help.

Because this is a /e/OS phone, it never asked for a pin when I did the OEM unlock.

Please use the command fastboot flashing unlock (and you’ll probably also need fastboot flashing unlock_critical).

:warning: And don’t relock the bootloader after installing FPOS as long as you’re not sure what you are doing! You might brick your device!