Help to install /e/os on FP3 from MacOS

Hello every one!

I just got a second hand FP3 and would like to install /e/os on it.
But My computer is a mac (High Sierra), and the easy installer guide is not ready yet for mac.

Is there anyone here who could help me, or recommend me tutorials, or previous discussion about this topic, i did not find much.

I’m happy to try it myself, but never did such a thing like programming :wink:

have a nice day!


Hello and welcome to our community! :slight_smile:

Have you already found these instructions?

However, bear in mind that /e/ is currently working on providing an upgrade to Android 11 in a few weeks’ time. On the FP3, this upgrade will require a “clean install”, i.e. personal data, settings and apps you install will not be kept when you upgrade to Android 11. So you might want to consider if you either want to install /e/OS Android 10 now (and start all new with the upgrade to Android 11 when it comes) or wait until Android 11 is there.



thank’s for your comment.

Yes I ckecked the instructions, and i saw in some forum that people were having trouble to install /e/ from a mac so i was cautious, and prefered taking informations beforehand, as i’m a newbie in all that.

When you say /e/ will upgrade to android 11. Does that mean that if i install /e/ now, i’ll have to do it again in a few weeks, when the new version will be there?
Now FP3 is on android 10, will FP3 also upgrade to android 11?

Yes, from all I have been reading, you will need to do the same procedure again then with /e/OS Android 11. So far /e/ for the FP3 cannot be upgraded to a major new Android version OTA (through the updater). Only normal updates within the same Android version come through the updater.

Yes, Fairphone has eyed this second half of 2021 for that.


Once you have managed to bootloader unlock your FP3 here is output of flashing process:

You would need to install Homebrew to get fastboot and ADB installed as here:


If you’re using /e/'s cloud service, I think you can easily transfer most of your files back unto your new os though. So unless you make more than 1GB of photos and videos in two weeks, that might be an option for you.


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