Help to create the invoice for DHL return

I need some help with creating the commercial invoice I need to return my phone with DHL.
These are the things I need help with;
Sender’s details. Company name. Obviously I am the sender, but I’m not a company?
And also these:
Invoice Date
Incoterms 2010® Rules
Type of Export
Reason for Export

Hope someone who have successfully done this can help me.


Usually you get the invoice from Fairphone Support and just need to print it. Did you not contact Support?


Hey there!

As far as I am aware you should get a premade invoice for you via the Fairphone Return Website, after you contacted the support for requesting either a warranty inquiry or just returning your product.
(At least a few months ago when I returned my FP2 for replacement this was the case after contacting the FP support.)

I’d say, contact the Fairphone support on this matter, this should be the easiest and safest thing to do!
Here’s the link to creating a Support Ticket:

P.S. Oh, haha, @paulakreuzer was a tad bit faster!


Thank you guys!
I just found out that the invoice actually was emailed to me several days ago, but I somehow missed it… Off it goes tomorrow!

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