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Sorry for opening a new topic, other ones about it were already closed.

I have the Fairphone 2 for a week now and thought “yay, finally able to play Pokemon go”. Now I tried to play it and basicly my phone reboots after 5-20min using Pokemon Go, especially when I’m not using WLAN. And today the app itself shut down, telling me that my device is not compatible with the app.

I looked through the older topics and it seems to be an old/usual problem. (like this one How to be able to install and use any app on FP Open OS [meta discussion]). As a code noob: do I really have to learn/work through pages of install/tutorial infos just to get that single app working? I tired; and I’m already on the edge of throwing something.

The thread you were reffering to was about FP Open OS, not the FP OS with Google Services which is pre-installed on the phone. Which OS are you using?

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Oh was it? Thanks! Must have overlooked that as I scrolled through it. I have Fairphone OS 17.12.1 (Android 6.0.1), it should be the latest version, I think.

Since you run 17.12.1 you are use the standard FP OS. The post you linked talks about installing and running apps inside FP Open OS, you should be able to install and run the game with g@@gl&'s stuffs. You should not be interested in that post unless you want to run FP Open OS or a rooted phone.
Maybe your problem is related to this : Freeze then reboot during games


Thank you very much! I will be looking through the thread and try some things out to see if it might work.

Tried some solutions, the app works now after a hard reboot and deactivating 4G, thank you both very much.

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