Help needed: Filming / editing videos with the FP

Hi :sunglasses:
I couldn’t find a topic with questions regarding filming with the camera, so I thought the café would be the best place for that.
Recently I started using the OpenCamera app (which is free on
and it is quite nice and has lots of possibilties. Usually I take photos (which are good quality), but now I wanted to do some videos.
and unfortunately they were very bad quality. (really bad!) The sound is veeeerry low and the video is blurred. Nothing like the photos I take.

So, are any of you also using this app and could possibly help me?
My settings:
record audio (check)
focus auto (but am thinking of switching to ,face detection’, since I want to make a video of a person)
auto ISO
auto white balance
and I am never sure what to do about the sound: should the sound level be medium or very high / low during recording?

So what are your tricks, if your videos are better than mine?

P.S.: this popped up as I was starting this topic :wink:

Now asking the dayshift of the FP Forum as well: :wink:

What are your experiences with filming with the FP? And what do you do to get better quality videos?

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I just moved this topic to the help section, because now my question is getting a bit urgend :worried:
A friend asked me today to film an “about me” video of him tomorrow (with my FP1), - I experimented a bit today for practice with different settings, but the results are really not so good.
What am I doing wrong? How can I make a good quality video with the FP1 / open camera app or standard app (sound and vision)?

Open the Open Camera app,
open the settings (gears icon),
then under Photo and Video settings tap on Video Settings,
then Video resolution. Select Highest or Full HD.
Then, in video settings, tap “Video bitrate”.
Choose a higher bitrate, like 1 or 2Mbit.
Then, in Video framerate, choose 30 or 24.

Recording Video requires a good micro SD card that is able to save the data fast enough and is large. You should opt for a “Class 10” SD card from a good manufacturer, like samsung, sandisk, sony or kingston. Choose 16GB min.


Thank you Ben!!! :sunflower:

I had that already

[quote=“ben, post:4, topic:10121, full:true”]
Then, in video settings, tap “Video bitrate”.
Choose a higher bitrate, like 1 or 2Mbit.
Then, in Video framerate, choose 30 or 24. [/quote]
actually, bitrate I had 70 Mbit, so it’s better to have a lower one?
framerate, I had default, so now I choose 24 (or would 30 be better?)

the one I have is Transcend Premium 300x, 64 GB. that will have to do for tomorrow, but I’ll get a new one for the next time.

Any suggestions on how to improve the poor sound? (at the moment I simply have the volume on middle position and use the built-in microphone)

OK, here I am again with the next problem. :neutral_face:
The video looks and sounds ok on the FP1, but when I have it on the PC (and had to convert it for the editing programme) and cut off beginning and end and a bit from the middle, and then exported it as a new film it turned out really low quality, the sound as well.
S.o. said that most camera apps can do simple editing as well (like cutting) but I have not found this in the OpenCamera app (only for photos, not for videos).
Any ideas re OpenCamera or suggestions for an editing app?
And also does anyone know a good open source simple video editing software for PC?

Thank you all, this would help me a lot (and is terribly urgent :blush:)

Hi again!
I have solved the problem indirectly now by getting another free video edting app.


Would you share with us, which app you chose? :wink:

I’ve used Shotcut ( in the past. It’s free, open source, with an active forum for support. The software is pretty full featured including Mac and Linux support (and Windows of course).

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Yes of course! (sry, wasn’t sure that the method described here by @Kristof is quite legal :wink: )

But actually now I have found out that you can download it directly from the app’s website.
The app is called Videoshow

So far I have only used the actual editing / cutting device, and merging 2 clips into 1. It also offers a number of possibilities with colours and effects as well.

Thanks for the tip, will look that up!
(just to add as info: for windows it is for (64-bit Windows 7+), so no use for XP)
that’s a desktop prog of course, Videoshow is for direct editing on the FP.

Just added it to the wiki post on Apps that you can download/buy without app stores