Help needed after update to 3.A.0134.202111216

Yesterday I updated my Fairphone 3 und since then I’m unable to acitvate the Wifi plus I can’t access my internal storage any more. This ist so extremly annoying. I wanted to downgrade my Fairphone again to the previous version, but I can’t find a working download Link for 3.A.0129.20210805.

Can anyone help me please

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Please check your SD card is formatted as External

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Are you really running 3.A.0132.20211027? As 3.A.0134.202111216 is the most recent version.

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My Fairphone updated to 3.A.0134.202111216. I checked it in the settings

I asked because you posted in a discussion about 3.A.0132.20211027.
(Now your postings were moved to a new topic :+1:)

What exactly is the problem with WiFi? Can’t you find your access point or can’t you activate the WiFi functionality at all?

Hi Sanest and welcome to the forum from my side as well.

I’ve moved your question to a new topic because - as Incanus already noted - you’re not on the software version of the topic you initially posted in.

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I can’t activate it at all.
It’s like I don’t have a Wifi-Module anymore. But just before the update wifi worked perfectly fine.

What exactly happens, when you try? Doesn’t change the icon? Or the slider doesn’t move?

When I try to turn it on the slider goes inmediatly back to the off position.

More Problems are showing up:
The speakers don’t work, when I try to listen music. And maybe because of that I can’t use the phone. When I try to call somebody the phone simply goes black.

So this update is a catastrophe for me. I really want to downgrade it again. Is there a way to download an older os Version?

I don’t think its a problem with this update itself, maybe just the update procedure didn’t work completely. We would have heard about that.
So you might to have to install the update manually again:

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You were right. Everything’s fine after installing the update manually again.
Thanks for helping!


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