Help! My FP3+ is not Charging

Help me please!
My Fairphone 3+ is not charging. I have tried every singel charging brick i could find but there is the information charging slowly
Today I charged 3 hours and it got 1% minus.
Can sb help me please?

Hi @Pro_X_skill and thanks for joining the forum!

Did you check the advice on the Support pages? There’s a section about difficulties with charging. Make sure you read this page.

Your phone says “charging slowly” which normally means that the charger’s power is too low, but presumably the cable is OK. I find I need at least a 750 mA charger, good with 2 A.

Is this a new phone? If not, what has changed recently?

You should check the USB port and the cable for possible dust and dirt, Clean carefully. Give it a good blow (or carefully use a vacuum cleaner with narrow tool) to clear fluff.

Edit: AnotherElk’s right, the cables are important too. Some cables only connect power (charging only), not data: I would avoid these.
Personally I successfully use a cable that was provided with a USB-C external storage device for my PC.

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What about every single cable?


Have a look at

and about the discharge see the following about turning off wifi bluetooth etc. ~ not that it will solve the issue.

My order of likely problems go
1 Debris in the port
2. Inadequate cable
3. Loose module
4. Duff charger

On the charger issue even with a PC USB2 port providing 500mA it should only take about 5-6 hours to charge.

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