Help me do the best decision after throwing phone into WC

Hi everyone,

I used to have a nice fairphone4 and happy with it since 2 years, but lately it fell off into water…

I open the battery and put rice on it for 2 days. After that, the phone brievely show the fairphone logo (less than 1 sec) and after that it’s black screen. The light for signaling that is charging is working, but that’s all…

So my question is simple, is it a good idea to try to just buy some pieces (like the screen) or the core of the fairphone, Or should I just keep the old one for spare? The irony is that I bought a new battery since my old one was not enough effective.


It happened to me with my FP3. The light was also on when on charge. I cleaned the contacts but still black screen. I finally found another screen and it was working. So my experience says that your fp4 MAY be still fully operational but the screen… Maybe find a fairphone angel somewhere near to your home place ? Or some fp4 owner so you can check your screen. The fact the light is on when charging is a good thing.

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Please have a look at the #waterwiki def dismantle the phone completely and let it dry thoroughly, maybe clean with Isopropyl alc. to remove dirt (from rice…)


Thank you for the support.

I opened up my phone and see that there were water damage on the botton of the phone… I will let it dry for some more days.

Unfortunatly, I used rice and try to start it after one day only… I wish I saw this forum earlier…

I keep you updated!


Welcome to the forum.

If you see a LED for charging then your phone is not a FP4 since that model has no LED (for charging or anything else), probably an FP3 ?

As stated above and in the wiki, rice is a bad idea.

After opening the phone you definitely should clean all components with isopropyl or very high-grade surgical alcohol applied with cotton buds, especially all contacts and where you see signs of corrosion. Then leave the individual components to dry for three days in a dry atmosphere at stable temperature (around 18 - 20°C) such as your sitting room.

Good luck, let us know how you get on. If you need practical help later on, such as testing for damaged components, check whether there’s a #fairphoneangel in your area who might be able to help or advise.


I did indeed a mistake, my phone is indeed fairphone 3…

Thank you for the link to the fairphoneangle channel, that was what I need!



In the same situation, I heard a beep when starting, I changed the screen and it’s okay.

Dans la même situation, j’entendais un bip lors du démarrage mais ne voyait rien, C’était l’écran qui était hors service, je l’ai changé et depuis un an, pas de problème.

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If you throw your phone into the toilet - don’t flush!!! :nerd_face:

Hi all,

After 3 days drying, my phone finally restart very well and seems to have no side effect!

I dried every part inside who looked damaged, and it’s alive again!

Thank you again for the support! I will do the best pratice if it every happen again. Fairphone are the best phone!


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