Help! I Instaled the latest update and now the phone will no longer boot with inserted micro sd!

I’ve just installed the latest system update (FP4.SP2G.B.079.20230624) and now the phone will no longer fully boot and will stop at a black screen when I have my micro-sd card installed. The card is formatted in the expanded storage mode so that I can use it for applications and files. The card still works fine but since it’s encrypted and I’d have to root my fairphone to get the encryption keys which would then delete the encryption keys upon rooting the device. So I’m in kind of in a pickle here… Most of the data is just a replicate of what I have on my storage server. But many apps aren’t/can’t be backed up due to stupid drm so getting the phone to accept it’s sd card again is imperative.

I guess the problem is that your SD card isn’t formatted as portable storage. More people have problems with a SD card formatted as internal storage.
The only thing you can do is formate the SD card as portable by which you loose all the data on the SD card.

That would mean loosing paid, drm protected content… Not cool…

Removing the card makes the phone boot. When going into the storage settings the system still knows that it had a sd card. It even prompts me to put it back in the phone. Carefully finagelling the battery out at an angle without disrpting th epower so I can plug in the sd card during operation only makes the system not recognize the card. This issue happened due to the system update. Can I roll it back without disrupting the cryprographic keys?

Sorry, I have no idea.

If your bootloader is locked you unfortunately can’t roll back without doing a factory reset, anyway (as a manual installation is only possible with an unlocked bootloader and unlocking the bootloader forces a factory reset).

So you’re telling me that I’m f’ed.
Kinda sad since there was no warning of this potentially going wrong. There was no info like “Oh, if you have a card formatted as expanded storage, please don’t install this update”. No warning. Just “This will improve things”. I can’t even use my phone right now as it expects me to reinsert the card that it doesn’t recognize. And if I tell my phone to just forget the card then all hope of ever getting that data that I paid for is lost…

Ouch. This reminds me of the Bluetooth audio debacle from a few months ago. Real big ouch. Phone with no headphone jack and malfunctioning bluetooth audio, and now with a sd card slot that can’t even be used with full confidence… Not good.

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I’m really sorry that it currently looks like you’ve actually lost data. But you still have the option to contactsupport and ask for additional help there.

I’ve opened up a support ticket on the 23rd. So far nothing. If they decide to ghost me I’ll hop on a train to the netherlands and hand them my phone in person. Thanks to this issue I can no longer: Install apps, Transfer files, Create data eg. take photos, videos, notes etc. I can no longer pay by phone, use my ebike app, or many other apps as they require the files on that card. Didn’t they test their software updates before they rolled them out?!?

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