Help! I got hand sanitiser (alcohol rub found at hospitals) in my headphone jack!


I stupidly held my phone in my had whilst squeezing hand sanitiser on, and it went into my headphone jack and on the back cover of my phone. I’ve washed the cover and the phone still works. My Q is how should I clean the jack, or should I just let it all dry out? Im too scared to put headphones in to check it works at the moment…


The purer the alcohol the better. Alcohol will evaporate, water will be a bigger danger. Thorough drying is the best remedy against water damage.


Turn off the phone until all is dry. If a droplet is in the headphone jack it may still move and destroy some electronic parts if the phone is on.
Check out the #waterwiki for more info.

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Thanks so much!

I can confirm I let it dry until the evening, and then put headfones and it all worked. No sound distortion as far as I can tell

The alcohol was 50% I think and it didn’t have anything sticky in it! So lucky miss!


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